Green Bay Holiday Apartments in Nessebar, Bulgarian Black Sea

Green Bay Holiday Apartments in Nessebar, Bulgarian Black Sea from Bulgarian Estate 4U LTD

By: Bulgarian Estate 4U LTD  02/12/2009
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Green Bay development is one of the best holiday complexes, situated on the border of the historical town of Nessebar. The complex has very stylistic architecture and unique style. It consists of 21 multifunctional apartments finished with high quality building materials. The complex is located in peaceful and calm area, away from the noise. The only surrounding is the park with various deciduous and coniferous trees. There are also gorgeous gardens with seasonal and exotic plants. Crossing the park will take you to a small bay with fine white sand where you and your family will fill the privacy of the park surroundings.

Green bay consists of luxury apartments with:
*  Beautiful gardens and park,
*  Perfect views to park and sea,
*  24/7 electronic security system,
*  Phone line with intercom,
*  Satellite/cable TV,
*  Swimming pool,
*  Internet,
*  Parking lot

All apartments in Green bay are equipped with:
-  Floors: All floors (room, corridor, balconies) tiled with high quality granite tiles;
-  Walls: plaster boarded walls painted with latex paint;
-  Electric installation finished with sockets, switches;
-  Ceilings: latex paint;
-  External insulation on all walls for maximum heat protection and efficiency;
-  WC and bathrooms: fully tiled with floor and wall tiles, completely equipped with shower cabin and all accessories, toilet bowl, wash basin, etc;
-  Windows: PVC (SHUKO - made in Germany);
-  Entrance door: Massive armoured door;
-  Inside doors: MDF type;
-  Installation for SOT, cable TV, internet, intercom and phone;
-  Air-conditioner installation;

The picturesque town of Nessebar (population 9437 inhabitants), one of the oldest European towns is situated on a small island, artificially connected to the main land. The town of Nessebar is 37 km north-east of Burgas and 429 km east of Sofia – the capital of the country. The beach is considered to be the best along the Black Sea coast. Today Nessebar is one of the resorts most preferred by tourists. The old town of Nessebar is under the protection of UNESCO. The buildings in the ancient town are exclusively in Old Bulgarian Style even the newly built.

The town of Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe. It is the successor of the ancient Thracian settlement called Mesambria founded in the Second century BC. Its name means town of Melsa. Since 510 BC it was turned into Greek colony town by Dorian settlers. They called it Mesambria and turned it a rival to the town of Apollo for the Black Sea trade. There was a theatre and a temple of the Greek God Apollo in it. Brass and silver money were coined there, and in the third century BC - golden ones. It was occupied in 72 BC by a Roman garrison. The town was of secondary importance during the Roman era. It started to play important role again in III-IV century. Around the year 680 the town was an Episcopal centre, and in VII-VIII century - an important, and strong and protected Byzantine naval base. In the year 812 Khan Krum conquered the town. In 864 Boris I yielded the possession of the town to Byzantine, but King Simeon captured it again. Since XI century the Slav name Messebar or Nessebar has been used together with the original name Mesambria. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom the town rulers were either Bulgarians or Byzantines. The peak of its development was during the reign of king Alexander I when the town was one of the most important centres in the Bulgarian State. The official documents issued in Mesambria gave evidence of donations given to Nessebar for the building of churches and monasteries; according to the legends - more than 40. The crusaders led by Amedei VI of Savoy captured the town in 1366 and gave it to the Byzantines. The chronicles of Mesambria gave us information about the time when the town was enslaved by the Turks in 1371. The town kept its importance as an important harbour during the Turkish slavery: ships were built; corns, wood, etc. were exported. After the liberation it was turned into a small fishing town. In 1956 the town was proclaimed an architectural and archaeological reserve. The remnants of an antique fortified wall with a gate dating from III-IV century, the churches from V-VI century and the ones dating from the medieval period (X-XIV century), which are fine works of the medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine architecture, the 60 houses of the revival period, give the town unique appearance and atmosphere.

In close proximity to Nessebar is the resort of Sunny beach – the biggest Bulgarian seaside resort - endless beaches (over 8 km) with gently sloping sand and clear sea. The combination of 1700 hours of sunshine from May to October, along with the fresh sea-breeze and close vicinity to the mountain make the whole area perfect for tourism. There are many opportunities for sport and entertainment, which turns the resort into real paradise. Sunny Beach with its marvellous bay is located 25 km away from the International Port of Burgas and Burgas International Airport. Many new hotels and resort villages have been built in the complex as well as night clubs, night clubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, sports and children’s facilities, Aqua Park, etc. The investments in the resort complex are approaching 1 billion Euros.
Another gorgeous seaside resort is St. Vlas (Sveti Vlas) St. Vlas is situated at the foot of the Balkan mountain surrounded by picturesque nature and beach line of total length of 1,5 km. Four km north of Sunny Beach, Saint Vlas is with completely south facing sandy beach. Other attractive resorts in the area are Riviera, Aheloi, Ravda, Elenite.

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