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Locking wheel nut removals from MobileTyre 1 (Free Mobile Tyre Fitting)

By: MobileTyre 1 (Free Mobile Tyre Fitting)  22/01/2015
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There are many people that advertise they can remove locking wheel nuts, there are also many cheap reverse thread removers you can buy, but most of these don't work. I was called out to a Nissan Qashqui last month, they guy had let a cowboy loose on his heel nut, they had hammered a socket on it, then realised that it had a revolving collar, and it just went round and round. They had then left him stuck, even I could not help as there was no way to remove the socket.... I did remove the other 3 nuts on his car, but left telling him to go to a garage to try and get the socket off. I have had other customers who have bought special drills at around £15 per drill, only to find after 2 hours of drilling, both drills had broken and they had a hole 3mm deep in the locknut (No use at all). We as a company specialise in removing locknuts, when they haven't been damaged too much by other cowboys, so far since the beginning of 2012, until now in 2015 I have successfully removed every locknut I have been called out too, and that is well over 200 nuts. Call out the professionals first. We are a Mobile service, so we come to you.

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