Toggler Snap Toggle

Toggler Snap Toggle from Maintechmro

By: Maintechmro  05/01/2011
Keywords: maintenance products, Workshop Supplies, Fixings & Fasteners

 Snaptoggle are cost-effective: Turn a 2-person job into a 1-person job and get the job done faster.
* Save six minutes per anchor compared with old-fashioned methods.
* Snaptoggle are the strongest toggle bolt in smallest hole
* Snaptoggle are convenient: Allow removal of bolt or fixture without anchor falling behind wall.
* Snaptoggle are the most reliable: Will not damage or break through wall even when vibrated.
* Snaptoggle are easy to Use: Pre-install without bolt.
* Snaptoggle are accurate: Rugged pre-installation mechanism centers metal channel in small hole, before bolt insertion—and bolt won't sag.
* Snaptoggle are quick: Can be used with a screw gun—anchor won't spin in hole

Keywords: Fixings & Fasteners, maintenance products, Workshop Supplies