Pellet Mill Spare Parts

Pellet Mill Spare Parts from Allance Machinery

By: Allance Machinery  28/09/2013
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Screw Conditioner Conditioner is in fact a screw blender where additives such as steam and other liquids can be added to the material mixture prior to entering the pelletizing chamber. Conditioner plays important roles as the following reasons: 1. Lubricate the material for faster production rate and reducing energy cost. 2. To extend die life by avoiding extra friction. 3. To rupture fully starch granules so as to increase nutrition value and the animal can digest the feed easily. 4. Fully conditioning and mixing can also help to improve pellet quality. 5. Double or three layers jacketed conditioners can be installed to meet special needs of aquatic feed. Ring Die The ring die is a metal cylindrical shape unit with holes through which feed is forced to pellets. The alloy steel die made by international German gun drill and American vacuum furnace has long service life and ensures high quality pellets. Flat Die The modern flat die pellet mill has two or three rollers and the diameter of holes is usually 2.5-12mm. Compared to ring die, the flat die is more simply designed and features compact structure. Rollers The mains purpose of the rollers is to help the material mixture to get into the die hole, thus the roll shape and construction are designed for preventing the slippage of the material and give a smooth surface for a better discharge. Flat die pellet mill usually have two or three rollers, but the ring die pellet mill usually have two rollers. Pellet Cutting Knives The pellet cutting knives are all made of stainless steel with grease fittings and seals to keep grease in, eliminating corrosion and making adjustment easy. The main purpose of the knife is to cut the pellet to a given size as required.

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