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Mixing and Mastering from Simon Lees - Expert Guitar Tuition and Recording Studio

By: Simon Lees - Expert Guitar Tuition and Recording Studio  09/09/2010
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Mastering makes the difference between a rough demo and a CD that you'd buy in a shop. Mastering a single song can add depth, energy and clarity - even when it's been mixed to perfection. Mastering a whole album will ensure each song has the same characteristics such as loudness and tone. It includes getting the gaps in between each song right so that the album has a natural flow as well as eliminating background noise in-between songs. It can also add song titles in the form of CD text which can be read by many CD players.

Simon Lees has been mastering CDs since 1999 and currently uses Steinberg's Wavelab 6.1 - widely regarded as the ultimate mastering software.

Mixing: Once you have recorded all the instruments and vocals in a song they have to be blended to simulate a band playing together. The problem with a band mixing it's own songs is that each member would prefer their bit to be louder. That is where an independant mixing engineer is most valuable.

Simon began mixing bands in 1992 and has since learned how to balance each instrument correctly whilst instinctively understanding which parts need to be emphasised and which parts make up the foundation. Simon utilises effects to accent parts of the song to make it more exciting to listen to but he will never overdo this unless specifically asked!

For Simon to mix your song he needs a WAV file for each instrument that begins at Zero on the timeline (preferably a mono WAV unless its a keyboard or a guitar that has been recorded in stereo).

Simon will then import each track into Cubase 4.5.2 where he will mix it using Wave Arts Power Suite 5.4 as well as the native Cubase plug-ins. Simon is an expert in using Melodyne - the industry standard auto-tuning software - so if you'd prefer your singer to be "pitch perfect" this is no problem. Melodyne will also work on other instruments so the odd bum note can be fixed without the need to re-record.

If mastering is required - this can be done too (see above).

Keywords: Auto Tune, mastering, melodyne, mixing, recording studios, solo artist

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