Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance from One Stop Money

By: One Stop Money  30/10/2009
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 Income protection insurance is designed to pay a monthly benefit should you be unfortunate enough to have an illness or injury which stops you from owrking for more than 30days.

The income protection policy will pay a tax free lump sum benefit on a monthly basis until you either return to work or retire which ever is the sooner.

90% of the population do not have this insurance as they incorrectly think the state will look after them in time of crisis. Or that they will not get ill or have an accident (the wont happen to me idea)

Fact you are 20 times more likely to be off work for more than 6 months in a run than you are to DIE before the age of 65! 

More facts 3.5 million adults aged 45-64 have a long standing illness that limits their daily activities!

Its time to get covered!

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