Thudguard Infant and Child Safety Hat.

Thudguard Infant and Child Safety Hat. from Amby Hammock

By: Amby Hammock  08/09/2010
Keywords: nursery furniture, Colic, Reflux

Learning to walk in a world of hard surfaces can turn a special moment into a heart rendering incident in a flash. It's normal for young children to sustain bumps and bruises occasionally as part of exploring; the problem is this kind of fall is very common in even the safest of homes and gardens. The damage to a falling toddler's hands and knees can be an acceptable form of pain for learning but a head injury can be traumatic for both infant and parent.

"Over 500,000 children's head injuries are recorded each year !" (DTI)

Thudguard is a revolutionary new product, an infant safety hat, designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of head injuries due to a fall or collision. It is suitable for babies and toddlers aged 7 months to 2+ years.

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