Pension Performance Review

By: Midlands Investment Agency  27/10/2011
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 From our experience as an IFA Independent Financial Advisers there are three major reasons why many pension plans underperform: The funds in most Pension Plans are not actively monitored by an IFA. Many IFA’s do not review their clients’ Pension Plans on a regular basis. Once a Pension Plan has been sold, many IFA’s – who usually only get commission for the initial sale of the Plan – move on to other new prospects and focus less on their existing clients. Most Pension Plans are not managed in line with a suitable Asset Allocation & Risk Profile Most people have not had their risk profile thoroughly assessed and this may result in clients taking unintended investment risk with their pension portfolio or not maximising the gains available. Also most people, when asked, believe that market timing is a critical aspect of investment performance but extensive research shows that only 1.7% of investment performance is determined by market timing. Many people are not getting value for money because they are paying higher charges than necessary for the administration of their pension plan and receiving poor service. One reason is because most people started their pension plan before pressure from the Government and the buying public forced in more competitive and better value charging structures. Unfortunately, many people do not address this problem because they are too busy or do not understand the extent of this issue. They think their pension sales person is taking care of their affairs and would make changes to their plan if necessary. That’s why it is important for you to take charge of your pension plan now before it is too late. Acting now could make a huge difference to your future financial security. It could enhance the performance of the investments in your pension and lower your management fees. That is why we urge you to consider The Pension Performance Review™.  

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