Swedish Massage from £23

Swedish Massage from £23 from KW Beauty Salon

By: KW Beauty Salon  08/09/2010
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Back Massage    £23 (30 minutes)

Full Body Massage     £28 (fifty minutes - neck down)

Top to Toe Massage     £30 (one hour - full body including face and scalp)

The skin's natural functions will be stimulated improving the condition of the skin and the warmth created will help relax the body physically and mentally.

Body massage originated in Sweden. Swedish body massage is the original massage technique involving a sequence of movements working superficially and deeper into the tissue layers.

Movements such as effleurage work over the skin with the palm of the hand producing relaxation, whereas movements like petrissage work deeply.

Petrissage movements such as wringing and kneading will help to relieve tension promoting deep relaxation in the tissues and muscles.

As no two people are alike, the body massage sequence will be adapted to your needs.

KW Beauty offers this treatment respecting your modesty at all times. You will be covered in soft towels, which are turned back to reveal only the area to be massaged at that time.

Areas massaged in a full body massage are normally, legs, arms front of shoulders, abdomen, back of legs or thigh and back.  The Top to Toe massage also includes the face and scalp for the full relaxation experience.  

You will receive a wonderful, relaxing, treatment

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