Hydroponic Grow Systems

By: Birmingham Hydroponics  21/01/2011
Keywords: hydroponics

We can advise on a variety of Hydroponic Growing Systems and well as traditional soil based growing. One such system from the leading manufacturer Atami. 

Their Wilma Grow Systems ensure that your plants are supplied with a nutrient solution in professional way, so the plants lack nothing and can perform optimally.

Watering manually is therefore no longer necessary in such systems. In each nursing tray of 4 / 8 / 10 / 16 or 20 pots of 61/2, 11 or 18 litres of Growing Medium can be placed. This way the plants have sufficient space to develop optimally.

The Wilma growing systems are light in weight, easy to move around, and very stable allowing the plants to stay neatly upright (even when they have grown large).

These systems have been especially designed to allow the homegrower to grow professionally at reasonable costs.

Keywords: hydroponics