By: BEADHEAVEN  22/08/2009
Keywords: Beading Workshops, BEAD CREATIVE PARTIES

If you would like to gather a small group of friends together in your home.  Minimum of 8 people, this is a great way of learning to make  specific items of jewellery.  The items that you wish to make will be agreed beforehand and I would ask you to browse website, the Bead Creative Jewellery there, which will give you a feel for the type of workshops you can ask to do.

The difference between a workshop and party is that with a workshop - you use the pliers,  you start the items and finish them,  and I will just show you how, instead of doing it for you - (as I would at a bead party).

It is a really fun evening, and in the autumn people like to make things for Christmas presents.

Please do call me for further information or browse my website   

Keywords: BEAD CREATIVE PARTIES, Beading Workshops,