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Warm Air Heating FAQ from Dale Heating Services

By: Dale Heating Services  04/11/2013
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You know that feeling of dread. Getting out of your nice cosy bed in the morning, to a cold house.in the knowledge that shortly after, you will be arriving at work to that freezing factory, or wintry warehouse. When you are cold at work that is the only thing that you can think about, meaning it is much harder to concentrate on your work. You may consider installing warm air industrial heating equipment but have so many questions that you do not know where to begin. Here are a few of our most FAQs' and answers, to guide you with your decision Why is it so important that I get it right? There are many factors to consider when attempting heating your warehouse such as: •Size - are you sure that you have the right system to heat the required space. If your heating is too large for your building, you could be using more energy than you need to, or if the system is too small then only that specific area will meet desired temperature •Space - If there is, a small corner in your warehouse that you are not using then maybe you could think about installing a freestanding, warm air heater. As these have higher outputs, you may not need as many heaters installed, this will not only save you money on your installation but also on your maintenance, as you have fewer heaters, and access equipment is not required. If space is an issue, then maybe you could consider suspended warm air heating equipment. If you do not consider these factors, you could pay too much on your heating fuel costs. What fuel do these heaters use? •Free standing warm air heaters are available in oil, gas or LPG •Suspended warm air heating is available in natural gas or LPG. What if I want an oil heater but I have limited space on the ground? •Although it is more popular to install these heaters on the floor, it might be possible to suspend the heater on the wall. How often do these units need a service? Every 12 months, this is to help extend heaters lifespan, and to detect any underlying faults. A summer service is ideal otherwise; underlying faults may go undetected before the winter and could cause a breakdown when you need them most. Are warm air heaters suitable for our building? Warm air heating is quite versatile and is popular in the following applications. •Warehouse Heating •Retail and showrooms •Auto body shops and repair centres •Factory heating •Sports facilities •Garden centres' and greenhouses' and many more The answers above are for guideline purposes only and a qualified technician that holds relevant qualifications to work on commercial and industrial heating equipment needs consulting prior to any installation, to make certain of the safety and design of your installation. As each application is different, an individual site survey would be required, to create a comfortable and safe environment for you, your staff and your customers. Dale heating services can provide a free site survey with highly qualified personnel, trained to the highest standards and possess all the relevant qualifications to work on heating equipment in a commercial or industrial environment.

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