Advance Appliances have updated the multi fuel thermal store

Advance Appliances have updated the multi fuel thermal store from ADVANCE APPLIANCES LT

Keywords: central heating, heating systems, hot water

Advance Appliances have updated their SFUTS Multi Fuel Thermal Store with two electronic timers pre wired and fitted to the unit. The first timer is for the boiler as overnight boiler firing can be a nuisance in a quiet household. The second is for the wood burner input – the timer turns off the pump on this circuit so that all captured heat is kept in the store and not re-circulated through the wood burner. The stainless steel unit has three A rated pumps fitted for integrating oil or gas boilers with solid fuel appliances for mains pressure hot water and sealed central heating. The store also has a coil for solar thermal, and has two immersion heaters fitted for back up or for use with PV solar. It is pre wired and pre plumbed and has been independently assessed for CE marking. Advance Multi Fuel Thermal Store operates as a sealed system. It has three levels of safety, the last of which is a mechanical thermal valve which will operate during power cuts. Installers can make a considerable time saving installing the SFUTS. It takes away the thinking and design time, it removes the need to specify and buy the components as they are fitted, and when it comes to the installation the flow and return for wood burner, boiler and central heating is plumbed straight to the connections on the tank. The wiring is all done except for the heating programmer and boiler live connections. Advance think that this is a saving of at least three days. The store is guaranteed for 10 years, and the fitted components are guaranteed for two years. Insulation is generous at 60mm, and exceeds the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.

Keywords: central heating, heating systems, hot water, Hot Water Cylinders

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