School get new SFL Nova flue system

School get new SFL Nova flue system from Chimney & Flues

By: Chimney & Flues  25/08/2012
Keywords: air conditioning, ventilation, cooling

Airtherm Engineering has completed another installation using Nova product serving two high efficiency wall hung Mikrofil Ethos 90kw condensing boilers at St Gregory's RC School in Birmingham.

Nova is a new breed of chimney system that offers a single solution for virtually all of today's combustion requirements. Nova is a true multi-fuel / multi-application product, whether being used to serve a solid fuel stove, vent the latest high efficiency condensing appliances or Biomass wood chip / pellet stove, Nova is the product of choice. With a diameter range covering thirteen sizes, Nova covers domestic and commercial applications. Manufactured from a 316L inner liner, 25mm high density insulated annulus and a grade 304 outer case, Nova is built to last. Unlike some of our competitors, Nova is designed with a rapid fit multi-barbed twist lock jointing system.

This not only offers a fast and simplistic installation method but also a durable and strong joint allowing a free-standing height of up to 3.0 metres to be support above the last support.

When used on appliances which product high levels of condensation, such as highly efficient condensing appliances, Nova can be retrofitted with a seal to allow both positive pressure and condensate resistance up to 200Pa, based on a maximum flue gas temperature of 200°C. Nova is available in thirteen sizes, ranging from 100mm to 600mm internal diameter.
•Suitable for fully condensing applications
• Fully welded construction
•High level insulation
•High thermal resistance
•High speed twist lock jointing system to aid installation
•Without seals the product is suitable for multi fuel applications up to 450°C

Diameters:100mm - 600mm
Construction:Twin wall Insulated
Material:316L stainless steel liner and 304 stainless steel outer case

Temperature: 450°C Continuous without seals 200°C with seals fitted Pressure capability: 200Pa (P1)Mode of operation:Negative or positive pressureApprovals:
BS EN 1856-1 T460 N1 D V2 L50050 G(50) Nova SM
BS EN 1856-1 T600 N1 D V2 L50050 G(50) Nova SF
BS EN 1856-1 T200 P1 W V2 L50050 O(50) Nova SM c/w seals
2 hour fire rating BS476 part 20

Certifcation: CE Requirements:
Ventilated support components must be used where the flue gas temperature exceeds 250°C and where the flue internally passes through a combustible floor. Where used for condensing and positive pressure applications up to 200°C, seals must be utilised

•Suitable for gas, oil and multi-fuel appliances
•When used with seals, suitable for condensing and positive pressure applications up to 200Pa at 200°C
•All components are supplied complete with Locking Bands
•Strong jointing system allowing up to 3.0 metres of unsupported product above the last support
•Rapid twist lock jointing system for ease and speed of installation
•Covers both domestic and commercial applications from 100mm to 600mm internal diameter

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