By: CBT THERAPY Stuart Toole BABCP ACCREDITED  04/05/2011
Keywords: mental health, anxiety, Trauma


Hi Stuart,


When I first started coming to see you I was very scared and didn't see any way of moving forward. When you explained the tasks you will doing with me in order to help me move forward I never imagined they would work (not to mention thinking they were a little strange).


After 2 months of seeing you I have made improvements and can now see that I will be able to move forward and those Gremlins that have been haunting me are now gradually starting to shrink (or as you say chopping the tentacles away off the Octopus on my head). Although I do still have panic attacks I have learnt how to calm myself down which is such a relief. I am also able to see myself getting angry or upset when fearful and control that a little better.


There are so many things that you are helping me with a by taking one step at a time I can see that things are getting better. By doing this I am also finding sleeping a little better and by continuing to face my fears I am positive that I will be able to go back to having a full nights sleep again at some point in the future.


Keywords: anxiety, cognitive behavioural therapy, mental health, Panic, Panic Attack, Ptsd, Trauma



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