Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympic Bid, so why not think about sports nutrition and psychology?

By: ACS EBooks  08/09/2013
Keywords: course, sports nutrition, Sports Psychology

Tokyo Win Bid for 2020 Olympics It has been announced that Tokyo has won the bid for the 2020 Olympics. The Olympics in the UK sparked interest in health and fitness and this new announcement will hopefully do the same. With the increase in obesity in much of the modern world and our increasingly sedentary life styles, exercise and fitness are becoming more and more important. Because of this, we have chosen Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology as our joint courses of the week. If you are interested in helping people to reach their optimum level of fitness, then why not think about taking one of these courses. You can find more information at Sports Psychology Sports Nutrition Leadership is also an important factor in encouraging people to get involved and do well in sports and fitness, so you may also be interested in our Leadership eBook. This is our eBook of the week. You can find more information on the eBook at What makes a good leader? Is it an innate personality trait or a skill that can be acquired? This book is an excellent guide to the theories and practice of leadership. It is full of interesting facts about social dynamics and examples of leadership styles. For those who are curious or in need of some leadership skills, this book will provide both entertainment and advice. Or get in touch with us at [email protected] Tracey Jones Tutor ACS Distance Education

Keywords: course, sports nutrition, Sports Nutrition Course, Sports Psychology,

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