Zookeeping Course - What our Students Think!

By: ACS Distance Education  14/06/2013
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Student Feedback- Zoo Keeping Course See some recent feedback that we recently received from one of our satisfied students: "Hi ACS, I did the Zoo keeping subject this year and really loved it. I volunteer at a local zoo, and the keepers and zoo curator were very supportive and helpful with my studies. But here is the awesome part for you (and me). I just had the zoo curator ring up asking for the details for the course, to recommend it to another volunteer. She told me it was a really great course and thinks it is a fantastic starting point for further animal studies. And to make this praise even more impressive, she has a Doctorate in Animal Biology. Very high, and deserved praise indeed. I will admit, I have never done as well in any study (and I have a Bachelor in Accounting, so I have studied at many levels) as I have in this course. I guess it’s true, if you love what you are studying and doing, you will do so much better at it. Hugs Jo-Anna Apelt" Find out more on the course at http://www.acsedu.co.uk/Courses/Agriculture/ZOO-KEEPER-COURSE-BEN208-702.aspx

Keywords: distance education course zookeeping, distance learning course, zoo keeper course, zoo keeping course, zookeeper correspondence course, zookeeper course, zookeeping course,

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