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By: ACS Distance Education  14/06/2013
Keywords: correspondence course, Plant Breeding, plant science

Welcome to new student Henry who has just enrolled on the Advanced Certificate in Applied Plant Science. We hope you enjoy the course Henry. The course requires the completion of nine 100 hour modules - COURSE STRUCTURE MODULE 1: BOTANY I - PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND TAXONOMY BSC104 This short course is primarily an introduction to plant physiology and taxonomy, with some general botany including morphology and anatomy. It satisfies the learning criteria of the Royal Horticulture Society's Module B of the Advanced Certificate in Horticulture. The ten lessons cover: Taxonomic Classification of Plants Cells and Tissues Specific Vegetative Parts of a Plant Flowers and Fruit Seed and the Developing Embryo Photosynthesis and Growing Plants Respiration The Role of Water Movement of Water and Assimilates through a Plant The Effects of Growth Movements MODULE 2: TREES FOR REHABILITATION (LANDCARE REAFFORESTATION) BHT205 This course develops an understanding of environmental systems and the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes with an emphasis on trees. The lessons are: Approaches to Land Rehabilitation Ecology of Soils and Plant Health Introduction to Seed Propagation Techniques Propagation and Nursery Stock Dealing with Chemical Problems Physical Plant Effects on Degraded Sites Plant Establishment Programs Hostile Environments Plant Establishment Care Rehabilitating Degraded Sites MODULE 3: BIOCHEMISTRY 1- PLANTS BSC102 Biochemistry is the chemistry of living things. This introductory course concentrates on the chemistry of plants. Some secondary school chemistry will be helpful though it is not essential. There are nine lessons as follows: Introduction Lipids and Proteins Enzymes Nitrogen and the Nitrogen Cycle Photosynthesis and Respiration Assimilation and Transpiration Acidity and Alkalinity Chemical Analysis Biochemical Applications MODULE 4: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE FOR CONSULTANTS BBS301 This course is a valuable guide to setting up and operating a consulting business in any profession. It has been developed to complement studies in the various disciplines taught by this school, including Psychology, Horticulture, Agriculture, Leisure Studies, Business Management and Environmental Management. Lesson include: Determining if a Consultancy Practice is for You Planning a Consultancy Practice 1 Planning a Consultancy Practice 2 Knowing What to Charge Setting up your Practice Keeping Accounts & Records How to Generate Business & Keep It Maintaining your Consultancy Practice MODULE 5: INDUSTRY MEETINGS (100 Hrs) or RESEARCH PROJECT 1 Industry Meetings can be satisfied by showing documentary proof of attendance at a combination of seminars, conferences, trade shows and/or committee meetings. Research Project I This module develops your ability to plan and conduct research into a current issue in your chosen discipline; and to complete a descriptive report based on that research. There are 7 lessons as follows: Determining Research Needs Research Methods Using Statistics Research Reports Searching For Information Conducting Statistical Research Reporting On A Research Project Modules 6-9 - any four of the following: Plant Ecology Tissue Culture Plant Breeding Botany II Biochemistry II Biochemistry III (Plants) Find out more at

Keywords: correspondence course, Plant Breeding, plant breeding course, Plant Pathology, plant science,

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