By: ACS Distance Education  24/09/2013
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All about Effective Learning! New Ebook Brand New Ebook! Tips and Insights for more Successful Study By John Mason and Staff of ACS Distance Education Make more informed choices about what you study, where you study and how you study. Learning is not just developing a memory bank of facts which can be regurgitated as and when needed; it is far more complex than that. Learning improves your ability to understand and solve problems. These are skills which you can apply to tasks and events in every corner of your life. This book helps you help yourself and those around you to learn more effectively for your style. It contains many tried and proven tips for studying and remembering things; and has the potential to make a difference to students of all ages if they are willing to do a little soul searching to understand what style of learning best suits them; and the learning techniques that are most appropriate for them to use. The chapters covered in this book are: Chapter 1- How People Learn Chapter 2- What to Learn Chapter 3- Why Learn Chapter 4- How to Learn Successfully To download a sample of this ebook, to find out more, and to purchase, find out more at http://www.acsebooks.com/products/2297-learning-tips-ebook.aspx

Keywords: distance education, Distance learning, Ebook, learning

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