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By: ACS Distance Education  24/06/2013
Keywords: Graphic Design, graphic designer, marketing training

Graphic Design – Course of the Week The course lasts for 100 hours. We find most students complete 100 hours in three to six months. This course is a fantastic introduction into Graphic Design, whether you are starting a new career or even enhance your career opportunities. 1/ All about Graphic Design • What kind of work would a Graphic Designer expect to do? • Necessary skills for a Graphic Designer • General Roles of a Graphic Designer • Background of Graphic Design • Graphics Terminology • Application Software that Graphic Designers would use 2/ Basic Fundamentals of Design - line, tone, colour, etc. • Fundamentals for Design • Elements for Design • Criteria for Design • Theories of Composition • Practical Devices of Composition • Gestalt Principles of Perception: • - Principle of Similarity • - Principle of Proximity • - Principle of Closure • - Principle of Good Gestalt • - Law of Symmetry • - Law of Past Experience • - Law of Continuity • - Law of Common Fate • Selecting Images • Selecting File Type 3/ Colour Theory and Applications • CMYK • RGB • PMS Colour • Hex Colours • The Difference between Coloured and White Light • Differences in Colour • The Meaning of Colours - Emotional Response 4/ Typography • Size, weight, colour, location and style of font of the text • Choosing Fonts 5/ Illustration - methods & techniques • Illustration history • The use of Illustrations • Illustration • Preparing Images for use • Tonal Zone System • Rough sketch of your design ideas • Digital Illustration • Raster Graphics • Vector Graphics 6/ Logotype Design • Using Logos • Creating Logos • Company Business Cards • Company Letterheads • Online Banners • Printed Banners 7/ Layout Design • General Guidelines • Key Elements & Principles of Layout • Space, Movement, Alignment • The Design Process • Graphic Design Software • Designing for a printer 8/ Design Systems and the Design Industry - design briefs, how to bid for jobs, etc. • Significant Design Sectors • Built Environment • Manufacturing • Visual Communication • Primary Design Areas • Scope and Nature of the Graphic Design Industry Today • Design to Persuade • Design to Inform • Design to Educate • Design to Entertain • Working to a Design Brief • Web Page Design 9/ Comparative Design - lessons from other designers (lots of research) • Important People from history in the Graphic Design Industry 10/ Design Project – Apply what you have learned in this course on a practical task • Problem Definition • Interacting with people that you work with Find out more at – Or email us on with your questions.

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