Complementary Therapies / Energy Field Healing

Complementary Therapies / Energy Field Healing from Luminaire Magnifique

By: Luminaire Magnifique  25/07/2009
Keywords: anxiety, back pain, depression

Energy Field Healing is carried out on fully clothed clients. Our therapists will work on a standing client for approximately 5 minutes and then the client will lie on the therapist couch or  hospital bed for the rest of the session. For clients with limited mobility, it is possible to have Energy Field Therapy in a wheel chair.

There is usually no physical touch involved in Energy Field Therapy as the therapist will work around the client's electromagnetic field. At the end of the session, the therapist will usually tap you on the shoulder and offer a word of comfort.

At Luminaire Magnifique, we offer Alternative therapies to clients who wish to try such therapies. We are Specialists in Energy Field Healing (EFH) which is carried out on the client's electromagnetic field (aura). Our therapies are suitable for most people inclusive of older adults and children.

Listed below are some of the ailments that can be addressed via Energy Field Healing:

* Depression
* Mood swings
* Low energy levels/ lethargy
* Sleep disorders
* Anger management issues
* Breathing disorders and asthma
* Chronic pain
* Backaches
* Immune system dysfunctioning
* Digestive disorders
* Skin disorders and eczema
* Panic attacks
* Female problems / PMS / PMT
* Some cancers
* Infertility
* Phobias
* Dyslexia
We offer the following therapies:
* Energy Field Healing for individauls : 35 GBP for an hour session
* Energy Field Healing for children under 12 years: 20 GBP "
* Distant Energy Field Healing for individuals: 20 GBP per session
* Distant Energy Field Healing for children : 15 GBP per session
* Home and land Healing sessions for 3 hours: 135.00 GPB for a two bed roomed property.
For larger properties or farms, upto 5 therapists might be required.

Our therapists are highly skilled and have many years of experience working with vulnerable adults and children. They are also naturally gifted with the skills required to deliver Energy Field Healing to clients.

Our Therapists will listen to you, assess your therapy needs and recommend therapies that are suitable for your needs. We can work in partnership with your GP's, health professionals and your other support services to ensure that you receive the healing that you need and can continue to enjoy physical, emotional, psychological and social well being.

Our team of therapists will be there to support you for 4 weeks after your therapy session.

Our Therapists are CRB checked and insured. For further information please visit

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Keywords: anxiety, back pain, Chronic Illnesses, Colic, depression, Hyperactivity, infertility, insomnia, pain management, Relationship Breakdown, Respiratory Problems, shoulder pain, sports injuries