By: Elite EMC Ltd  18/01/2011
Keywords: EMC filters, EMC/RFI, Mil-C-38999 Series III,

Series III provides an improved threaded connector with a quick disconnect feature of a bayonet connector. In addition, Series III is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions of e.g. vibration, shock, fluid, sand dust and salt, encountered mainly in modern aircraft wheel wells, engine compartments and wing tips. Series III connectors also include a ratcheting self-locking device which eliminates the need for safety wiring.   These connectors are offered with 22, 20, 16, 12, 8 size contacts, and shell sizes of 9 through 25. Pin count up to 128 pins.  These connectors are offered in square flange and jam nut mount receptacles.   Series III connectors are available in a broad range of shell materials and finishes.Aluminum shells have finishes of olive drab, cadmium or electroless nickel. Stainless steel shells are passivated and nickel deposit finished. Zinc cobalt finishes are also available.   We can offer filtered solutions for MIL-C-38999 III connectors which include Fiber-Optics, Coax & Twinax contacts.   These connectors can mate with non-filtered connectors and are drop-in replacements for non-filtered connectors. Non-standard filter connector body sizes and shapes and insert arrangements are available.

Keywords: EMC filters, EMC/RFI, Mil-C-38999 Series III, Military Filtered Connectors,