Antenna Mounting Bracket ACC-ANT-BRK1

Antenna Mounting Bracket ACC-ANT-BRK1 from DW WiFi Ltd

By: DW WiFi Ltd  05/06/2009
Keywords: antenna mounting brackets

 The Cisco AIR-ANT2460P-R is a directional antenna and hence must be mounted such that it is aligned appropriately to ensure it provides optimum radio coverage. Poor antenna alignment often leads to inadequate radio coverage and in some cases 'dead spots' or low signal levels.  

A range of antenna mounting brackets have been designed to enable 'directional' antennas to be easily installed such that the antenna 'aim' can be adjusted to maximise antenna performance. The ACC-ANT-BRK1 antenna mounting bracket (pictured right) has been designed specifically for Cisco's AIR-ANT2460P-R 6.0 dBi directional antenna. There are two hinges to enable the antenna face have 'pan' movement horizontally but also 'tilt' movement in the vertical place. This provides option to fine tune the aim of the antenna once fitted.  

The antenna mounting bracket is provided with holes in each corner to marry up to the mounting holes on the Cisco antennas. Four small threaded bolts with nuts are provided for attaching the antenna to the bracket. The bracket is designed for easy mounting to any flat surface. The bracket ships with mounting screws/plugs and installation instructions.   These antenna mounting brackets are a stock item for next day delivery and are offered to reseller customers at a discounted price.

Keywords: antenna mounting brackets