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By: Grumpy But Gorgeous Reviews  11/12/2009

2 hour limo pamper party consisting of face masks, foot spas, makeovers including hair nails and make up!


feel like a celebrity when you step out onto the red carpet with aglass of non alcoholic champagne while our photographer is snapping shots of you and your friends as you get into your chauffer driven car and take a luxury drive around the city!

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Hollyood 'A' Lister Party

Our Hollywood party is unlike all others.

We want our party guests to feel like they are getting ready for a film premier or an awards ceremony. You can specifically theme your Hollywood party on the oscars or a favourite film or musical of your choice to match your childs expectations.

 Our Hollywood party includes:

  • Spa robes for all guests (one size fits all)
  • Rollers will be put in everyones hair
  • Guests will have their feet in foot spa's with a glass of non alcoholic champagne while they get thier...
  • Make-up applied
  • Once makeup is applied, guests will then each gets their feet dried and mini pedicured
  • We then take the rollers out of everyones hair and style as desired
  • Ready for hollywood photos at the end of the party as you desire or with our choice of red carpet and limousine exit onto a desired destination or 1 hours local cruise.



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