Grumpy But Gorgeous Girls Pamper Parties in Cheshire

Grumpy But Gorgeous Girls Pamper Parties in Cheshire from Grumpy But Gorgeous Reviews

By: Grumpy But Gorgeous Reviews  27/01/2011

excellent range of pamper parties, spa parties, makeover parties and celebrity themed treatment parties. All ages catered for. All areas covered.

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We specialise in offering pampering party experiences to girls aged 5-18 years

We offer a full range of fantastic themed parties including: Spa Parties, Mother & Daughter Makeovers, Makeover Parties, Themed Parties, Limousine Parties & Loads more.

We are constantly researching and offering new and exciting party styles for girls to enjoy. We are sure to have something to make every girls birthday one to remember!

As a pamper party company we are fully aware of our competitors and one of our greatest unique selling points for our parties is that we offer a professional salon style experience. We understand that we offer children's parties however we do this with an adults perspective on the parties. We understand that your youngster will be mature in making decisions and want to offer a party experience where your child can feel like she is the person in the salon chair asking for her treatments. We treat all party members like grown ups and do not take a childish approach towards anyone at our parties.

We are proud to be offering yearly pamper parties to girls who are usually the ones watching Mum or Big sister have treatments and love giving birthday girls pampering memories that last so that they don't feel left out!

Here’s a few facts about us -

• We are full-time pamper party staff
• We specialise in pamper parties for 5 - 18+ year olds
• We currently cover most of england and some of wales (we do not cover scotland or newcastle)
• We are available for parties 7 days per week from 9am - 9pm

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