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By:  01/10/2010
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AquaSafe 90 Chemical Free Hot Tub Water Treatment 90 days supply
New pack comes with free extras - 20 oxidiser tablets, 3 bacteria tests, 6 pH tests
AquaSafe 90 is an eco friendly chemical free formula which keeps your hot tub water clean, sparkling bright and fresh with no harsh chemicals or irrating odours.  One bottle of Aquasafe 90 will keep your hot tub water clean for 90 days. Forget the shower after use, AquaSafe 90 leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and velvety smooth. With no corrosive chemicals in AquaSafe 90 to cause rust, stains or tainted water, your pump, filter, heater and every part of your hot tub in contact with the water will look better and last longer.
Chemical free & maintenance free
100% bio-based all natural Seaweed Enzymes
Free from Chlorine and Bromine - completely bio-degradable and non toxic to the environment
Does not cause itching, rashes, dry skin or burning eyes
No daily maintenance and testing
No chemical smells!
Aquasafe90 saves water - drain your hot tub can be drained directly onto your lawn or garden

Keywords: hot tubs