Individual AcupuncutureTreatment from AcuPam

By: AcuPam  03/12/2010
Keywords: holistic, stress, acupuncture

AcuPam Traditional Acupuncture Practice offers an individual assessment for every patient. At AcuPam you are treated as a person with your own unique health needs. Treatment is patient driven. I listen to what you need and expect; together will we prepare the best possible Treatment Plan to help to alleviate your symptoms and help you to achieve your full potential. Assessment is on-going. At AcuPam every patient receives a different treatment plan even if they have similar symptoms. This is because I treat you  - not just the symptom and look for causes of the energetic imbalance which is presenting as a symptom. At AcuPam the aim is to restore your body's natural sense of balance and well-being so that you stay as well as you can and enjoy your life to the full. I treat all levels of BodyMindSpirit. At AcuPam treatment is gentle and relaxing. Only fine gauge needles are used with a very shallow insertion.

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