Advanced Energy Field Healing (Healing through the body's energy field)

Advanced Energy Field Healing (Healing through the body's energy field) from The Healing Centre

By: The Healing Centre  27/11/2012
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Cleanse & Rebalance Session -
1 hour - £48.00 (Adult) £35.00 (Child)

Stress Release and Clearance -
1 hour - £48.00 (Adult) £35.00 (Child)

Relationship Distress (Separation, Divorce, Family Issues) -
1 hour - £55.00 (Adult) £42.00 (Child)

Bereavement & Loss
- 1 hour - £48.00 (Adult)

Energy Rebuild for - Directors / Executives & Senior Managers -
1.5 hour - £75.00 (Adult)

Pre & Post-operative Healing -
1 hour - £48.00 (Adult) £35.00 (Child)

For those who are dealing with over-busy lives, feeling overwhelmed, too much to do, tired and drained. If you are feeling 'out of sorts', and 'out of time', then your energies are possibly chaotic and overloaded.

A Cleanse & Rebalance Session will clear out all the excess movement of energies, fully cleanse and rebalance your main energy structure and flows, and re-stabilise your grounding and source connection. Your energy will be returned to a state of balance, calm and clarity.

Cleansing sessions for children are also ideal, to help them with school and family stresses. Highly charged and built up energies within a child's energy field may contribute to disruptive behaviour and disturbed sleeping patterns.

Healer's Recommendation: You should attend for Energy Cleanse and Rebalance every 3 months in order to maintain the natural flows of your energy.

For those who are feeling the pressures of work and life stresses. The energies of stressful life transactions build up in the energy field (aura), and cause lowness, depression, inability to cope, irritability, sleeping difficulties and irrationality. Most particularly, such stress leaves you feeling emotionally vulnerable and mentally exhausted. Continued for longer term, stress can create physical illness in the body.

This healing session will clear the layers of energies of stressful transactions and build up of 'denseness'. The Healer will reinstate the natural energy flows to ensure you manage more capably and are emotionally stronger. Your energy will feel lighter, your mind clearer, and you will be more able to cope with more ease.

Healer's Recommendation: Stress Release sessions should be attended every 8-10 weeks to keep your energy in optimum balanced flow and to prevent ill-health.

We may all encounter times in life when relationships break down or end. The emotional and mental distress which occurs at these times can affect all areas of our life and well-being. It can be difficult to release the emotional happenings, and clear out the patterns and dynamics which have been created by the relationship. Family issues can create considerable hurt and mental distress and it is not easy to move through these times without assistance.

Energy Field Healing can help to release the patterns and energy connections of relationship issues. Clearing away emotional debris and residual patterns, the Healer can work to stabilise the energies of such transitions within the dynamics of any relationship. This will bring a sense of relief and lightness and help you to move on towards peace and resolution.

Healer's Recommendation: A session for relationship distress may only need to be attended once, unless matters become drawn out over a long period of time. Clients can then attend for other sessions to support their progress and healing.

For those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one and in need of support for the emotional distress and life changes this brings about. A loved one passing over brings about immense change in relationships, roles and family dynamics. The energies of these situations can become very complex, and your Specialist Energy Field Healer can assist you to move through the emotional experience with care and compassion. Healing will help you to feel more calm and centred, more able to manage at these times of distress, and will help to re-balance the changes within the family.

Healer's Recommendation: A single session for support in bereavement will help you considerably. If after 3 months you feel further support is needed, then please attend for Energy Cleansing and Rebalancing.

These sessions are designed specifically for those in higher powered work positions as they deal with the clearance of complex patterns and energy connections that occur through daily work operations and transactions. When we interact with multiple people, teams, projects and locations, energies can become scattered and overloaded from excessive transactions and movements. This healing session will clear and restabilise the natural flows and connections of the energy system. Aimed at people who have to be powerful, effective and focused on a continual daily basis, these sessions will support the central structure of how you operate and function in the major roles of your life.

Healer's Recommendation: Energy Field Healing has been applied to higher level Executives and Directors for years in a clinic environment. It is highly effective at maintaining energy levels, focus and capability. Clients working at these higher pressurised levels should look to attend every 3-4 months to maintain the structural flow and stability of their energy.

For those undergoing surgical procedures, these healing sessions support the process all the way through. By preparing the flow and balance of energy prior to surgery, the body can initiate its own inner self-healing abilities more efficiently. Pre-positioned energies of light and comfort can support the mindset and well-being of each individual. Post operative healing will help to clear trauma to cells and body tissues, and emotional distress. Energies can then be re-balanced so the natural flows will support healing to the body on all levels - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Healer's Recommendation: Get in touch with The Healing Centre as soon as you know your doctors are recommending surgery. Attendance for healing within 14 days prior to the operation will give advance support to the situation. Attendance as soon after surgery as you are able to come to the Clinic is advisable. Cells heal more speedily when their energy flow is balanced and clear. If you are unable to attend the Centre within a reasonable time period after surgery, distant healing can be made available for you instead. It is better to have the healing flow coming into your system as soon as possible.

“I feel more positive about myself now and my future. It was exactly the right time for me to have the stress and anxiety healing. It was an amazing experience. I had a lot of burdens and felt many of them were lifted and carried away and I know the remainder will lift over the next day or so all thanks to the amazing Love and Healing work you all do so well. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.” J.H. (Birmingham)

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