Virtual Spokesperson

By:  28/08/2009
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Have you noticed that static content and flashy introductions are not getting your website noticed like it used to? Online marketers are learning that interactive technologies can present a message in an innovative way and create a better user-experience for their audiences while boosting returns on their marketing investments.   Why not have a Virtual Spokesperson?. A Virtual Spokesperson is easily integrated into any web site and can appear over text, images or interactive forms by inserting simple code to your existing web page. We'll help you stand out, get noticed, increase response rates and make more money from your marketing initiatives.  

ACNTalkfusion Technology takes a consultative approach to understanding each client's unique needs and delivers multimedia technologies that will match your communications style. There is a lot to learn about online video production and many marketers are now being tasked with incorporating video and other multimedia into their corporate web sites to take advantage of sight and sound that will engage visitors at a whole new level. We can incorporate Video actors to give a walkthrough of your site... in any language.   Global Benefits.............................  

Where To Use Your Virtual Sales Force:  

Home Page
Welcome Message
Lead Generation Forms
E-Commerce Check Out Call-To-Action and
Thank You Pages
 FAQ and Client
Demonstration and Training Tutorials
Banner Advertising and Email Campaigns

Engage and Create an Emotional and Personal Connection
Develop Strong Brand Awareness and Lasting Impression
Increase Response Rates
Improve Conversion Ratios
Acquire New Clients and Enhance Customer Satisfaction
 Improve Overall Business Performance  

Review Step-by-step "Pre-Production" Questionnaire Confirm
Talent and Script Confirm Production
Date Rehearse Script and Production
Details Post Edit Video and Deliver Your Virtual Spokesperson NO Required Web Re-Design NO Special Video Player, Software or Plug-in NO Special Bandwidth or Download Time NO Special Hosting Requirements NO Lengthy Production Cycles

Keywords: marketing