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By:  26/10/2009
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 "The best way to predict the future is to create it..."If you are thinking of starting a new business or just looking for guidance, let us give you an alternative application...

This may just change the way you do business from now on!.... and SAVE you money!

What we offer is.... the best combination of Design, Telecom's and Web applications for business users. OK, so you may not need them all, but if you sit down and break it into it's components, you may just agree that there is an alternative on-line marketing strategy.... at a fraction of the cost of what you are using at present.How do we know this?..... Because we use our products EVERY DAY!The Internet is the BIGGEST Sales and Marketing tool you will ever have! So why not use it as a business tool?

.Imagine giving a corporate presentation where you have a twentieth of a second to convince your audience they want to listen to your proposal. Where after a few seconds, if they don't like it, they'll simply walk out… and even if they haven't walked out, they'll already have made a pretty concrete decision on whether they're interested or not. Sounds awful? Welcome to the web and everything that goes with it!.
So does it all hinge on design, then? Well, no, but it helps - conventional wisdom has it that you have less than ten seconds to convince a visitor that your site has what they're looking for, which means that your message has to be spot-on too. But as we all know, first impressions count: and that means that your website design is one of the most crucial aspects of your overall presentation...However, getting people to your website is the main problem....
Do you spend a fortune on Google ad's.... buying every .com, .info, .biz?. There is an answer and it's one that most comapnies overlook on a daily basis..... "Your e:mail"... You either love it or hate it..... but we can't live without it!.VIDEO EMAILINGVideo is the largest growth industry worldwide....
Keeping in touch with your potential clients and business contacts has never been as important as it is now. Why not use this technology to promote your business on a world wide scale. All outer templates can be branded with company logo's, contact numbers and links through. In addition we can also supply virtual spokespeople, giving a professional 10 minute introduction with your company information.

If you are the one of 700 million e:mail users sending over 30 billion e:mails every day, you can point, click and send vibrant video e:mails to anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime. All without annoying downloads, pop-up windows, software to install, or attachments to open..... all at the click of a button... The use of data capture!.Video Email will build brand loyalty, increase customer relations and retention, reduce advertising costs, qualify sales leads and increase response rates. Plus, with our Private Label option, you can even brand our Video Email product with your company logo for added prestige and brand recognition with customers and business associates.

Virtual Tours• Sale
Product Demos•
Training• Promotions•
Advertising •
New Lead Capture•
Motivational Messages•
Corporate News•
Presentations •
Customer Follow-Ups•
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Trackable Marketing ...
Video e:mailing is even smart enough to notify you when your video message is being watched! With our real-time tracking technology, you will be able to see who has viewed your video email, when, and if they forwarded it to a friend or clicked through to your web site! Capture new leads and know exactly who's interested.OK....
So now they have logged onto your website.... What next?

Have you noticed that static content and flashy introductions are not getting your website noticed like it used to? Online marketers are learning that interactive technologies can present a message in an innovative way and create a better user-experience for their audiences while boosting returns on their marketing investments.

Why not have a Virtual Spokesperson?.
A Virtual Spokesperson is easily integrated into any web site and can appear over text, images or interactive forms by inserting simple code to your existing web page. We'll help you stand out, get noticed, increase response rates and make more money from your marketing initiatives.

Talkfusion Technology takes a consultative approach to understanding each client's unique needs and delivers multimedia technologies that will match your communications style. There is a lot to learn about online video production and many marketers are now being tasked with incorporating video and other multimedia into their corporate web sites to take advantage of sight and sound that will engage visitors at a whole new level.
We can incorporate Video actors to give a walkthrough of your site... in any language.

Global Benefits.............................Where To Use Your Virtual Sales Force:
Home Page Welcome
Message Lead Generation Forms
 E-Commerce Check Out
Call-To-Action and Thank You Pages
FAQ and Client Testimonials
Demonstration and Training
Tutorials Banner Advertising and Email Campaigns
Engage and Create an Emotional and Personal Connection
Develop Strong Brand Awareness and Lasting Impression
Increase Response Rates
Improve Conversion Ratios
Acquire New Clients and Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Improve Overall Business Performance Process:
Review Step-by-step "Pre-Production" Questionnaire
Confirm Talent and Script
Confirm Production Date
Rehearse Script and Production Details
Post Edit Video and Deliver Your Virtual Spokesperson
NO Required Web Re-Design NO Special Video Player, #
Software or Plug-in
NO Special Bandwidth or Download Time
NO Special Hosting Requirements
NO Lengthy Production Cycles.

The Basic Package Includes:My Virtual Spokesperson For Your Website. State-of-the-art recording studio featuring crystal clear HD quality video with crisp audio, teleprompter, professional direction and videographer. One "Borderless" video featuring up to a 60 seconds and/or 160 words Your choice of professional, pre-screened talent from our portfolio Assistance with your script preparation from an experienced copywriter High Compression 24/7 "Borderless" Streaming Video Technology Personnel account executive On-Call to discuss your production every step of the way. Submission of MVSP Technology code to your web site developer for easy placement on your web site.

Interested? Then just click the link ad add your web address on the demo button.
Now that we have done all the hard work... What next?

.I guess you would want to call your potential new customer.... knowing they have visited your site!.Global call charges are pretty expensive. Dialing India or China from the UK or America make my blood boil.... So what have we come up with?.

Call anybody by Videophone Worldwide for FREE.... All with FREE landline calls in your country of origin.As part of the introduction of Video e:mail into the UK.
We have added the ACN IRIS 3000 Videophone, allowing cost effective communications worldwide.All with call conferencing facility and video call answering. So why pay a fortune for your existing phone lines when you can use the internet as your main communication portal. All phones can carry your existing number, which also means you can plug your phone in on holiday anywhere in the world and still receive calls on your listed number....24 hours a day.... saving a fortune on mobile calls home and telephone paycards. This also applies to any telephone code worldwide.For that added effect, just plug the phone into your plazma or projector for a truly sensational communication experience.... This has fantastic teaching and business communication applications.

So What are we missing?..... "A MOBILE".. with ACNSolutions to Simplify Your Life

ACN offers a wide and growing range of services for both individual and small business customers alike, including:With innovative handsets from all the renowned brands, the latest must-have features and the most value-added calling plans, ACN can offer you a mobile service providing the freedom you want and the mobility you need. Teaming up with, we offer an unrivalled choice of handsets and tariffs across all major networks. Many of our deals are exclusive and cannot be obtained outside the Carphone group, giving you the opportunity to get the very latest in mobile technology as soon as it comes to the market. The buying power of Carphone combined with our efficient on-line sales channel enables us to offer simple stunning deals, giving you the unique combination of "HIGH STREET VALUES at INTERNET PRICES".
It goes without saying that your confidential data is certainly secure with us and that we strictly observe all the data protection laws, never selling or passing any of your details to a third party. Our service is fast and reliable and have been in operation since 1999 and so you can be confident that our staff, website structure and operational procedures are well tested giving a very reliable service! Last year alone we delivered over 200,000 orders to the delight of our customers many of who return time and again.

"All the above items" will cost you a fraction you would spend on Conventional Advertising and Communication. No more repeat annual Directory listings, No more Print Media.....and most of all.......No more Expensive Call Charges.....If this has been of interest, please give me a call on the numbers listed below, or for further information and costings for personal and business uses click the link below.

We will also be running seminars on the Videophone throughout the UK and europe over the next couple of months. So If you would like to come along, please drop us a line for information on event dates in your area and country. If you wish us to send you a video e:mail on the ACN product, and video e:mailing Business Opportunity, please click either of the two links. ( or copy and Paste ) into your URL.For Videophone and Mobile phone costs and further information

ACN-Talkfusion. Birmingham UK email: 0044 (0)121 270 4559 / 0121 359 7772

Steve Brannagh DIP.BDS.

Success lies not in the result, but in the effort, Being the best is not at all important,doing the best is all that matters.

Keywords: business awards, Multimedia Advertising, Video e:mail