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By: Speeednet  04/06/2014
Keywords: virus, trojan, malware, backdoor, crytpolocker, PDF, ransomware

There has been a lot of publicity recently about malware infecting computers. This danger has in fact been around for more than a year, but has seriously increased in 2014 because the code to create the Trojans has been made available over the Internet, initially sold for $100,000 then dropping to $50,000. However, now it is available on certain forums and file sharing sites for free. This means that even kids in their bedrooms can now develop and promote these threats so you can see just how prevalent it is going to be. Please be vigilant when surfing the net and if a website asks to install a plugin choose ‘no’, shut the page concerned , close down and re-open the browser. The greatest threat is still through attachments to email, normally by a file that you are encouraged to open disguised as a PDF file. The biggest threats over the last six months have mainly been spoofed to appear that they have been sent from HMRC about a tax rebate. Also, UPS and DHL concerning undelivered parcels. The financial sector has had a fair share as well. HSBC, Nat West, Santander and Paypal have been the main targets, probably because of their popularity. Likewise eBay and Amazon have had ample coverage. The worst I have seen to date is warning about blood tests showing cancerous cells. Nothing is sacred to these people so please, please, be alert and do not open the attachments or indeed click a link in an email . If a computer gets infected with the cryptolocker virus there is no cure other than to re-format the hard drive and re-install all your software,. It is essential that any data which is important and you cannot afford to lose, is backed up daily and kept separate from the PC. It is essential that the computer is kept up to date with security patches. The anti-virus software should be current and the database kept up to date. If we observe these pointers the chances of getting caught out are minimised but please remember that even the best companies in the Internet World get hit, let’s not join the growing list of casualties. Thanks and have a great day

Keywords: virus, trojan, malware, backdoor, crytpolocker, PDF, ransomware

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