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By: Personal Health And Fitness Coaching  15/10/2011
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To ensure you achieve your goals, David will coach, advise and treat using sports massage therapy techniques, nutritional and lifestyle coaching and corrective exercise with advanced design strategies.

  • Nutrition– We are all unique and have our own unique body chemistry and research shows that no single diet works well for everyone. Eating incorrectly for your body chemistry can cause weight gain, poor health and fatigue. Eating the right balance of foods for your body chemistry will enable you to:

ØAchieve and maintain your ideal weight

ØEliminate sugar cravings

ØEnjoy sustained energy and vitality

ØBoost your immune system

ØOvercome anxiety, depression and mood swings.

  • Lifestyle– Our busy, stressful lifestyle can lead to the over production of stress hormones which will be destructive to your health and achieving your goals. It also means we can’t produce adequate levels of repair hormones to keep our bodies healthy. Some factors leading to the over-production of stress hormones are:

ØToxic environments

ØPoor diet

ØPoorly designed exercise programs and inappropriate exercises

ØMind virus, anxiety, worry, beliefs, etc

David can help you to eliminate or manage key lifestyle issues. It is also very important to understand your core values which are essentially what keeps you on track helping you to make important decisions to reduce stress and help guide you ultimately to more of what you want in your life.

  • Functional exercise prescription for health & fitness – In order to achieve optimal, efficient biomechanics and to prevent degeneration and injury, first we must identify any imbalances or dysfunction within the kinetic chain (body). By highlighting the areas which have the potential to cause problems or the areas which are currently causing problems you will then be coached from the appropriate level for your ability. This will set the foundation to progress to the more advanced program design strategies which will ultimately lead you to achieving your goals. Once your body is functional, then it is ready and capable of handling a fitness program with key exercises which are most effective at delivering major results fast. You can expect:

ØA body shape to be proud of.

ØIncreased energy and vitality levels.

ØA healthy functional musculoskeletal system.

ØIncreased fitness levels.

ØImproved sporting ability.

  • Sports Massage Therapy- involves the use of individual client assessment, massage, related soft tissue techniques and post-treatment advice to manage, manipulate and rehabilitate the various soft tissues of the body. It can be applied to alleviate a variety of aches and pains, whether they arise in a sporting or recreational context or simply from the stresses of modern life.

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