Sell your iPhone 4s? What will you do...

Sell your iPhone 4s? What will you do... from Mobile Cash Mate

By: Mobile Cash Mate  01/05/2012
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Apple's most recent iPhone 4s is now 6 months old. The Apple faithful would have already ordered their new iPhone well in advance of the 4s's release or queued like a line at a new Star Wars Movie to get the latest Apple device.

Then there is the more financially astute customer, the one who is willing to wait that little while longer. However, this breed will eventually give-in to Apple's new iPhone, having previously got an extra few months use out of their old iPhone and felt duly rewarded for their patience and staying power, before submitting to the lure that Apple has on our smartphone and tablet buying patterns.

Of course, many more astute customers than our previously mentioned will simply wait until their contract is due to be renewed. Well, a simple choice you would have thought. You will have your new iPhone as part of your contract, and you get to hand your old iPhone down the family chain. That's the way its always been played in Britain. Well, either this or another way to recycle.

Simply put, the end result is nearly always the same. Well its nearly always 1 of 2 choices. Either you hand your old iPhone 4s down to a family member or you sell your iPhone 4s in the most convenient way. Handing down your mobile phone may not be the most sensibly financial decision you can make anymore. Technology moves at such a fast pace that it may not be worth passing down your iPhone down to a family member. As soon as the latest iPhone is released, the depreciation values are astronomical. With the new iPhone 5 set to be released this year, now is the time to sell your iPhone 4s at the best possible price you can get.

At Mobile Cash Mate, we have been working hard to ensure you are well looked after. We will provide the after service you probably rarely receive from your mobile phone provider. Sell your iPhone to us now, and not only will we give you the best price today, we will also remember when you are due to renew your iPhone or phone contract in the future. Therefore we can continue to offer you the best price on your mobiles in the future by rewarding our loyal customers ensuring you get the best deal at the right time.

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