Insulated Panels

By: Finish Architectural  09/03/2009
Keywords: architectural services, ALUMINIUM, insulation

 An insulated panel is a barrier to prevent or at least reduce the conditions outside the building form passing through to the inside, whether heat or severe cold. The factors that will influence this could be described on a graph where cost and performance follow a similar path. So designers tend to specify not only the performance in terms of a ‘U’ value.The introduction of legislation associated with Document ‘L’, coupled with the need to produce more energy efficient structures has created a need for everyone to consider just what is going in to the panels being purchased, for once bonded it is almost impossible to measure, unless their performance is found to be failing.Further considerations are the ability of the panel to resist combustion (be ‘O’ rated), the thickness at its’ glazing edge, the material that makes up the edge, the panel overall thickness, its’ ‘U’ value displayed as Wm² K, and any noise conditions that the panels may need to meet.Insulation has also become an integral part of fabricating, and is a discipline that we are more than able to complete, with a variety of insulation preparation and bonding methods.

Keywords: ALUMINIUM, architectural services, cladding, Insulating Panels, insulation