Cat Grooming Birmingham

Cat Grooming Birmingham from Cat Studio

By: Cat Studio  01/12/2014
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CAT STUDIO - FELINE EXCLUSIVE GROOMING STUDIO IN BIRMINGHAM CAT STUDIO is much more than a grooming salon – it is feline friendly place where your cherished companions, being a domestic cat or breed champion, will be pampered and professionally groomed in a cat friendly atmosphere, using feline friendly equipment and products. CAT STUDIO offers variety of grooming packages, tailor made to your cat's needs. We use only supreme quality luxurious cat care products that satisfy the highest standards in care and grooming of your cat. Nail clipping is complimentary with any or our grooming packages! Regular professional grooming: • helps maintain skin and coat health, bringing out beauty of your cat • prevents furballs: the more hair you brush off, the less is swallowed by your cat • prevents matting and can treat matted coats without need for anaesthetic • regularly groomed cats shed significantly less, hence the amount of cat hair on your clothes and in your homes is radically reduced • keeps allergic reactions under control: regular cat bathing and brushing can considerably reduce dander, one of main environmental allergens CAT STUDIO is situated in a quiet residential area, with plentiful off road parking space. In case that you are unable to bring your cat for whichever reason, we offer pick up and drop off service. For more information please visit our website or phone CAT STUDIO on 0121 2706272 or 07925219928.

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