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By: C Company Training Ltd  06/06/2012
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We are able to assist people with moving into the Social Care sector. We off a range of e-learning Social Care course accredited to level 2.

  Documentation & Record Keeping Course     £34.00+VAT = £40.80
Ensure you and your workforce comply with both legal and organisational requirements with this online course. Record keeping is an integral part of the health and social care sector. It is vital in the provision of safe and effective care. Validate your understanding of the different documentation and care records you need to keep to ensure people experience an efficient care system through this course.This  on line course explains the purpose of care records, common errors that can occur and how to prevent them.   Course Overview:• The purpose of care records • The types of records you are required to complete• Legislation and guidance• The required standards for documentation• Your accountability in the process, linked to confidentiality • How to complete care records avoiding the common errors
Common Induction Course          £98.00+VAT=£117.60

This on line course looks at an employee’s role and responsibilities within the health and social care sector; health and safety procedures, equality measures and their importance as well as identifying areas for their own personal development.So whether you are embarking on a new role within the industry or are completely new to the profession it doesn’t matter. This course will give you a basis to your role, developing your knowledge and helping to further your career.   Course Overview:• The role of the health and social care worker• Health and safety procedures• How to communicate effectively• The principles for implementing a duty of care• The principles for safeguarding within health and social care• How to promote and deliver person-centred support  

Infection Prevention & Control  34.00+VAT = £40.80
Minimise the risk of infection in your workplace by raising your knowledge and awareness of infections, common to the health and social care sector, and the measures needed to control them.As infections within the sector have been on the increase for a number of years it is vital that everyone involved in this industry increases their awareness. This on line course enables learners to gain a basic understanding of infection control, the transmission of infection and control measures to minimise the risk of cross infection.   Course Overview:• What an infection is• Infection types and how the body fights against it• The chain of infection • How to prevent and control infection • The process of effective hand washing • Safe practice procedures    

Dementia Awareness   £34.00+VAT = £40.80
Increase your awareness and understanding of this debilitating condition and provide better care for people living with dementia.For many families, carers and healthcare professionals dementia has become an increasing concern. The course will provide you with knowledge of the difficulties people with dementia face on a day-to-day basis, the stigma sufferers are labeled with, the challenging behaviour that can surround this condition and ways to overcome them.   Course Overview:• Defining dementia • How dementia affects people and the different ways • Quality dementia care – focusing on what a person can still do • Protecting individuals and working with friends and family• Effective communication and its importance• Ideas and methods to improve the well being of people with dementia    

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults                £34.00+VAT = £40.80
Recognise the signs of abuse early and you could save someone from further harm. Abuse is a sensitive and traumatic issue for all involved, but knowing how to identify and deal with abuse is essential when entrusted with the care of vulnerable people.Upon completing this course you will have the knowledge and understanding to recognise the signs of the different types of abuse and the process that needs to be followed in order to report and deal with abuse within the workplace.   Course Overview:• Types of abuse • Recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse• Identifying a vulnerable adult• Reporting abuse and the process that follows • Legislation and guidance• The support available following disclosure    

Equality & Diversity                                             £29.00+VAT = £34.80
This online course will teach you how Equality and Diversity is integral to individualised care and how legislation relates to your care setting.The health and social care sector is a diverse industry, which focuses on many vulnerable groups. The course explores the principles of equality and diversity and will help develop your awareness of prejudices which may affect one-on-one care and the steps you can take to reduce discriminatory practice.   Course Overview:• Legal background• Types of discrimination• The law and compliance• Implementing an effective Equality & Diversity Policy• Monitoring and reviewing• Action planning    

Medication Awareness                             £29.00+VAT = £34.80
An invaluable training resource this online course helps learners develop a clear and crucial understanding of medication.From correct dispensing and administering methods to the procedures and precautions that need to be followed, learners will gain the necessary skills to provide medication to all patients that require it. The course also covers areas surrounding medication including how to dispose of expired medication and precautions to take when prescriptions are collected on behalf of the patient. Course Overview:• Introduction to medication• Roles, responsibilities and boundaries• Different types of medication• Administering methods• Safe practice• Safe storage of medication• Monitoring dosage systems• Maintaining medication records    

COSHH         £29.00+VAT = £34.80
Protect your business, employees and those in your care by maintaining a safe, healthy working environment.Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health training is an important part of a health and safety officer's role and anyone working with dangerous substances. This course identifies the actions needed to implement risk assessments, controls of exposure and action plans.   Course Overview:• COSHH regulations and what they mean in practice• Hazardous substances and risks from over exposure• Damages caused by dangerous substances• Assessments and action plans• Reducing exposure by process change and substitution• Procedure to follow in case of contamination      

Health & Safety                                                            £34.00+VAT = £40.80
The health and social care sector is one of the most demanding sectors to work in and therefore it is important for employees to realise how to balance their work-life relationship and avoid illnesses including stress. The course covers everything you need to know to minimise risk in the workplace and keep everyone safe. It looks at hazards and risks caused by manual handling, noise and stress as well as the appropriate control measures.Protect your staff by giving them the health and safety understanding they need. This is a course for everyone at all levels.   Course Overview:• Terms and systems relating to health and safety• Employers' and employees' responsibilities for health and safety• The role of risk assessment• Hazards and risks and appropriate controls• Substances hazardous to health and appropriate controls• Hazards and risks caused by manual handling, noise and stress, and appropriate controls    

Communication       £34.00+VAT = £40.80
Increase awareness, understanding and efficiency in your workplace through effective communication.Communication is essential within all aspects of life, especially in an environment where people find communicating difficult such as hospitals or care homes. Learners who successfully complete this course will gain a clear understanding of the different ways to communicate and how to apply the techniques learned, including active listening, in their workplace.   Course Overview:• Understanding communication • Verbal and non-verbal communication• The concept and process of effective listening • Effective questioning• Adapting communication methods to suit the situation• The purpose of record keeping and how this should be completed  

Keywords: Basic Food Hygiene, elearning training, health and safety course, social care

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