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British taekwondo predators assoication from British taekwondo predators association

By: British taekwondo predators association  29/09/2012
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Taekwondo is a system of symmetrical body exercises or techniques designed for self defense and counterattack in unarmed combat, making use of the hands and feet as weapons and defenses. However, Taekwondo is not merely a physical skill, it is also a way of thought and life. Through strict discipline, Taekwondo trains both the body and the mind placing great emphasis on the development of moral character. On other words, control of the mind, self discipline, kindness, and humility must accompany the physical grace.

Taekwondo training consists of hardening the body through practice of the various attack and defense forms. This system of unarmed combat involves the skillful application of punching, jumping, kicking, dodging, blocking, and sparring actions; directed toward the goal of neutralizing an aggressor. It's techniques are primarily hard style kicking, punching, and blocking, but also include the use of circular hand movements, throwing and falling techniques. An essential characteristic used in meeting an opponent's attack is the mastery of breathing and the development of jiptjung (power gathering) to unify your force.

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