Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing from Back to Zero

By: Back to Zero  14/04/2015
Keywords: back pain, lower back pain, back pain relief

Zero balancing is a deeply relaxing form of bodywork which uses stretches and gentle pressure to the bones at specific points. The pressure is gently held to create still points, or fulcrums. Zero balancing uses a distinctive type of touch which is clear and unobtrusive. Zero balancing works on the understanding that energy flows through the body in relationship with its structure. Through releasing tension in and around the bones and joints, a zero balancing session encourages energy to flow more smoothly and evenly through the structure of the body. Zero balancing focuses on the joints that are concerned with transmission of force through the skeleton. It evaluates and improves the function of these joints, working towards optimum balance and efficiency in their relationship with the body as a whole. A well aligned skeleton means the weight of the body is supported and the muscles don’t hold excessive tension.

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