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By: Anopol  07/11/2016
Keywords: chemicals, metal finishing, metal polishing

Electropolishing is in effect electroplating in reverse. Instead of depositing a coating of another material on a surface the process of electropolishing is to remove a surface layer, typically 20-40 micro-metres in depth in the case of stainless steel.

Keywords: Acid Pickling, Automatic Electropolishing, chemicals, electropolishing, metal finishing, metal polishing, Passivation, stainless steel cleaning, surface treatment,

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Weld Clean Machines

Stainless steel derives its corrosion resistant properties from a thin oxide film on the surface, often referred to as a

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Chemical Products

The ANOPOL range of products for Cleaning, Pickling and Passivating stainless steels removes contamination, improves corrosion resistance and can produce a clean, aesthetically attractive appearance.

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On-Site Services

On-site services include technical advice, risk assessment, pre-commission cleaning, pickling and passivating of assemblies such as pipework systems. On-site spraying processes allow the pickling and passivating of large vessels and structures using only a small amount of chemicals to be carried out thus minimizing the volume of effluent requiring safe treatment and disposal.

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Chemical passivation is not always necessary, but is important where surfaces are possibly starved of oxygen, for example in the case of pipework or enclosed vessels

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Correct pickling in a formulated solution of dilute acids produces a uniform matt grey finish, the effect of chemical micro-etching.