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By: Animal Rescue In Greece  16/10/2010
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Educational Program

Volunteers on this holiday will get one day worth of useful training and lectures where you will be able to share your own knowledge of animals as well as learn about what we want to achieve and what we want the children on the Island of Kos to learn.

The main reason for an educational program is because many children follow in the footsteps of their parents! The parents have followed the footsteps of their parents and so on. We need to break the chain in how animals are thought of and the best way for everyone to learn is to teach the children so that they can educate their parents and hopefully we will be able to save the next generation of humans and animals on the Island of Kos.

Our main effort will be to teach children that dogs and cats can have a brilliant impact on their lives, and other peoples. We want to teach children that the domestic animals can have jobs and be useful to them, they can be more than the guard dogs they buy them for and that they deserve to be treated well as they are such loyal animals.

Our project for next summer will be the earthquake project.

As we all know, the Aegean and Kos Island, is on a major fault line and a future earthquake is inevitable, with the current state of the buildings on the island, a lot of them will collapse and people may get trapped. Our dogs, will be trained for such events, and we want to teach children that they too, can train their own dog to be a rescue animal who may on day be able to save the lives of their family members.

We also want to teach the children on the island about reporting animals in danger, in bad health, stray animals people who are cruel to animals.

After your 1st days training, volunteers will then be taken around the island to see the effects of strays, what we are trying to do to for the animals and will also meet other volunteers and people on the island who have been affected by the way animals are being treated on the island.

The 7 day experience will give you a different experience each day of your stay.

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