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Clean Cover Seat from Advanced Hygiene Systems - (Sanitary Hygiene Solutions)

By: Advanced Hygiene Systems - (Sanitary Hygiene Solutions)  30/05/2009
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At the heart of all our products is our Clean Cover Hygienic Seat. With a standard worldwide fitting, our primary product replaces your existing toilet seat and provides an entirely innovative washroom experience for the user.

Our customer does no more than wave their hand on an automated sensor attached to the seat. This in turn triggers a mechanism within the toilet seat itself encasing the entire seat with a high density polyethylene rap approved and tested by leading dermatologists.

Our customer uses the new seat with complete peace of mind and enhanced protection from dangerous germs and infections.

Advantages include

Reduces risk of infection and disease.
Each new protective cover every time means no bacterial cross contamination.
No more squatting, lining toilets or cleaning other peoples mess.
Includes free Maintenance by industry experts.
Easy to use for the disabled, children and parents.
Significantly reduces queuing time in busy toilets as most time is taken lining up a toilet seat due to hygienic issues.
Misuse protection – To ensure that FreshWrap™ protective covers are not wasted, an internal timer prevents ‘play factor’ waste.
Encourages customer confidence & peace of mind.
Save on costs and usage of toilet paper which will be saved due to the Clean Cover™ as research shows most of the toilet roll used in public toilets is used in covering the seat.
No need to line seats with toilet paper or paper covers = less floor mess.
FreshWrap™ recycling program.
Used FreshWrap™ protective covers are sent to plastic recyclers to be 100% recycled and therefore friendly to the environment.
Reduces toilet paper usage and its impact on forests and our choking waterways.
Minimizes paper wastage.
Significantly improves health and safety of staff, cleaners and your customers.
Your customers will perceive you as being well above your competitors in terms of customer hygiene care. Your customers will appreciate it as this is a very personal delicate matter which has been taken care of.
Your Customers will actively choose to use your business over others.
Reduces plumbing problems.
Guarantees optimum hygiene conditions.
Reduces Bacterial infections.
Promotes neatness and cleanliness.
Addresses OSHA infection control issues.
Proven cost effective.
Can be Powered by 12 volt rechargeable battery packs and/or 12 volt transformers.
Clean Cover™ fits all standard toilets and is installed in the same way as a conventional seat - a total universal solution.
Takes only 20 to 30 seconds to change a FreshWrap™.
LED Screen to tell you how many FreshWrap™ are remaining.
EMPA Testing determined that no harmful substances result from destruction.
Label inscription on all boxes is in accordance with material regulations.
Meets all domestic and international plumbing and building code standards.

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