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By: McD's Auto Electrics  07/02/2009
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GREAT VALUE - £15 + £2 p+p

LIMITED PRICE OFFER FOR THIS MONTH ONLY (usual price £34.99)THIS IS THE FIRST CD OF ITS KIND AND NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED IN UK (OR WORLD)TEACH YOURSELF AUTO ELECTRICS CD-ROM WHY PAY HIGH GARAGE LABOUR CHARGES ??FAR LESS THAN THE COST OF 1HRS GARAGE LABOUR CHARGE GET YOURS NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST This great training tool has only been available to garages in the past but it is now available to ALL vehicle users.This is a MUST for all main & used car dealers, small garages, vehicle technicians especially apprentices, MOT stations, exhaust & tyre dealers, car accessory shops and all vehicle owners. Contents of CD-ROM (11 sections):Overview of Electrical System: evolution of vehicle electrics; distribution of electricity throughout the vehicle; major components - their operation and usage of electricity; the vehicle electrical storage facility.Basic DC Theory: the difference between AC and DC; how and why DC is produced; symbols, circuit examples and equations; examples to find voltage, current, resistance, power, horsepower, in series and parallel circuits.The DMM (Digital Multi-Meter) : what is a DMM?; functions and ranges; how to use it and tips; examples of voltage, current, resistance; series and parallel circuits; types and purchasing.The Battery: composition of battery, is it 12Volts?; purpose of battery; storage and distribution of power; testing, charging and jump starting; types to purchase and tips; safety precautions. Battery troubleshooting guide with tests and remedies. The Alternator: The old dynamo vs the modern alternator; 3-phase rectification - how and why; operation of charge and limits; alternator warning lights - testing and wiring; breakdown of complete charging system and parts. Alternator troubleshooting guide with tests and remedies.The Starter Motor: how it works and power consumption; inertia and pre-engaged types; solenoid and starter - testing and wiring; car won't start? - technical advice; overhaul and repair of starter motor. Starter motor troubleshooting guide with tests and remedies. Igntion Systems: how they work; components and functions; electronic ignition systems - how they work; electronic ignition modules DIS and ECU. Ignition system troubleshooting guide with tests and remedies .Wiring and Wiring Diagrams: circuits, harnesses and assemblies; types and rating - how to calculate; wiring meltdown (burnt out) - causes and prevention; how to read wiring diagrams - examples of faults to locate and rectify.Vehicle Relays: what is a relay and its purpose; how relays work; location of relays and testing; types used in vehicles; when to use a relay in circuits; examples of circuit building using relays - foglamps and spotlamps; designing your own vehicle immobiliser using relays.Vehicle Fuses: purpose of circuit protection; types and ratings; construction and location; wiring circuits for car audio amplifiers; changing wire sizes.Car Bulbs: construction and types; bulb identification and layouts; aligning headlamps without equipment; headlamp upgrading with circuits (eg fitting and wiring higher wattage bulbs).Each section is illustrated with lots of colour picture examples. CD written, published and sold by degree qualified professional auto-electrician.email helpline for further fault findingapplicable to all 12volt vehicles worldwide L/H or R/H driveemail:[email protected]

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