Winter Maintenance from CSI Products

Winter Maintenance from CSI Products from CSI Products

By: CSI Products  10/11/2010
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Winter maintenance is all about having the right quantities, of the right products in the right locations and then having the right tools and equipment to apply, treat and protect these areas in order to keep them snow, ice, and frost free.

The primary objective always being to make sure everyone to gets around safely and then to make sure these areas are both clear and clean in order to minimise both the corrosive effects and the mess that salting, gritting or sanding (treating) an area can make both indoors and outdoors.

To help you with all of this CSI Products have within our winter maintenance range a great range of products at very competitive prices:-

White Anti / De Icing Salt, helping to keep areas both clean and safe with Brown Rock Salt for Anti / De Icing where cost is also a consideration.

Grit and Salt Bins, to store grit, salt, sand, other loose materials, our range includes varying capacities of grit/salt bin, stackable bins, lockable bins, grit/salt bins that can be moved using fork lift, different colour options, grit and salt bins that can have on body printing options, and all hardwearing, high quality yet competitively priced.

All types of Grit and Salt Spreaders, we have pedestrian models to suit all budgets right up to the high end grit and salt spreaders where quality and features are deciding factors. For private roads, car parks and moving between road areas and car parks along public roads we have a choice of towable models of grit and salt spreader. Where accuracy is important, especially when protecting pavements and walkways we have ‘drop’ models of grit /salt spreader.
This range includes some of the best know makes/models of Grit/Salt Spreader such as the:- Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Olympus, Everest and Fuji

Snow Shovels and Snow Scoops complete our range of winter maintenance products. A good Shovel and or Scoop is an essential when tasked with removing large amounts of freshly fallen snow from pavements, footways, driveways before the process of gritting, sanding, anti or de icing with salt can commence. We have an excellent range of light weight but hardwearing Snow Shovels and Snow Scoops. These products can also be use to spread Grit, Salt and Sand once the area has been cleared. The well designed, broad headed Snow Scoop can shift larger amounts of snow than a standard shovel and being lighter it takes much less effort. It can also be effectively deployed as a rudimentary 'hand held' Snow plough if pushed along from behind.

A final word, lets face it winter maintenance is a messy business so to help with keeping floors clean and dry please look at our within Flooring and Mating, to assist with the cleaning up wet snow, mud, salt, or after the office party! Check out our excellent range of , and last but not least keeping cars, vans, lorries, looking smart and professional, pavements, walk ways clean and protected from the corrosive effects of salt please have a look at our great range of within the cleaning equipment range of Environmental and Waste Management. All of this with our compliments for the season.

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