Grit Bins Delivered Free thoughout the UK from CSI Products

Grit Bins Delivered Free thoughout the UK from CSI Products from CSI Products

By: CSI Products  10/11/2010
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The storage of Grit, White or Brown Anti/De-Icing Salt and Sand are an essential part of winter maintenance. You also have to think about efficient and effective location of the grit bins near to where areas they are required in order that the Grit, De-Icing Salt and Sand can be applied quickly and effectively.

Grit Bins and Salt bins should be easy to move/deploy if being re-filled and or stored from a central source and if located in public areas or where health and safety is a concern, lockable. Capacity should not be a constraint when making sure there is enough Grit, Salt or Sand at each location to be effectively deployed/spread in order to Anti-ice or De-ice the whole area in one go.

So it is important to have well located, easily managed and maintained grit bins and salt bins. Whether it is for Anti , De Icing or simply employing greater traction on:- footways, pavements, shopping areas, factories, schools, hospital sites, car parks, or basically anywhere people need to walk or drive and get about safely throughout the winter months the humble Grit Bin is a vital component. Along with a well though out maintenance strategy you will prevent accidents from happening and will keep everyone, safe when shopping, working, or playing.

To help with this essential component of winter maintenance CSI-Products have compiled a small but well thought out range of Grit and Salt bins which we will be constantly reviewing to make sure we can cater for all your requirements.

An added bonus is these products can also be used throughout the year for other purposes such as storing fertiliser, dry sand, seed, mulch indeed any loose materials. They may also be used to store garden tools or outdoor toys. Here are some of the features to consider to help you when choosing a Grit Bin or Salt Bin:-

Make sure you have enough of your product/raw material at the point it need to be used. Think through the area that needs to be de-iced (reactive maintenance) or anti-iced (proactive/preventative maintenance), will it cover the whole area in one application?, will you be constantly having to re-fill the bin with grit, salt or sand each day, what are the practicalities. Our grit bins start with the mini grit bin which has a 30 litre capacity, perfect for home, small applications right up to grit bins that have 400 litre capacity which for commercial / industrial / local authority applications.

Everything you need and ideal for commercial but in particular domestic use. Grit your driveway, porch and patio with ease. Includes 30 litre lockable grit bin, 25kg of rock salt and moulded injection scoop.

Being able to efficiently store the grit / salt bins throughout the seasons they not being used or withdrawing/moving them to central re-filling area may be an important consideration. The efficient and effective handing of the bins must be a consideration when larger numbers are being maintained. If this is a requirement choose stackable grit bins with fork lift channels.

Grit Bins and Salt Bins need to be hardwearing to stand up to all forms of weather and people repeatedly using metal shovel, spades, trowels or scoops to extract the grit, sand or salt. Make sure you purchase a grit bin that is going to last several winters, will handle the wear and tear and will still look good despite. Varying colour options are available for certain models within our Grit bin range.

Whether it is for health and safety reasons – the salt and grit bins at your nursery or school,  stopping un-wanted use/waste– people playing with the materials or to prevent theft, being able to lock the grit bins could be an important feature for you. If you are using the bins to store garden tools, indeed anything valuable or you simply want to control access then having a lockable bin is an important consideration.

It is possible to have bespoke printing on the lid of each grit/salt bin, this could be the name of your council or local authority – the department to which the bin belongs to or the area it should be located at. It may be a number to call if needs re-filled or it could be some advertising if your girt or salt bin sits outside your shop or place of work. Whatever the reason we have just the product for you - see Model Catalogue Page 381.

Check each Grit Bin and Salt Bin for specific features options, dimensions and delivery options. Any questions or help please call 0800 083 0953

Keywords: Grit Bins, salt bins, Winter Maintenance Equipment