Power-Arc golf training/coaching aid

Power-Arc golf training/coaching aid from SYS Golf Ltd

By: SYS Golf Ltd  13/09/2010
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Power-Arc The Benefits

The Power-Arc™ training system allows coaches and students to monitor and improve key stages in the swing

Ø  Set up (including body alignment)

Ø  Takeaway

Ø  Backswing

Ø  Execution of the shot

It is the newest and most cost effective way to improve your swing.  Backed by PGA Professionals and endorsed by ’s Centre for Sporting Excellence, , it is not just another golf training aid.   

The adjustable rails with ruler style markings means that the student golfer need never try and recall from memory the key set up and alignment components of the swing lesson.  This enhances the coaching experience and provides quicker learning and better results.

 Practice the right swing all of the time.

The lessons can be tailored to deliver shot shaping coaching i.e. manipulating the ball flight from right to left or left to right in the air.  Golf courses are not built in straight lines, therefore hitting a straight shot all the time is not the most effective way of navigating around the course. 

The flexibility of the design allows it to be used by kids, adults, right or left handed golfers.   It also allows the user to use their own golf equipment so any “feel” factor is more easily replicated when taking the newly worked swing on to the golf course.   Suitable for use with woods or irons it is manufactured with components designed to withstand the rigours of golf practice for safety and durability.   It is also very lightweight and portable (with its own carry bag) and can be used anywhere you can safely swing a club with or without a ball to ingrain muscle memory, at home or on the range/practice area.

Possibly the only golf swing training aid you will ever need!!

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