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By: PawManagement.co.uk  28/02/2013
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Our training and behaviour modification techniques consist of positive reinforcement; these are techniques that have been proven to be the most enjoyable way for both the owner and the dog to learn.   We approach our training with the emphasis on praising the desired response and ignoring the incorrect, a method that the dog understands gains confidence by.   We promote fun and effective ways of training such as clicker training. We do not promote punishment. All of our methods are non physical, we do not hit, smack, or use prong, choke collars, shock or spray collars.     Our Training is based on the way that dogs communicate, so they learn quickly rather than through months of repetition, however dogs are individual so there is not a "fix all" solution. We find the technique that works with your dog, especially if your dog just a bit of a handful and you need guidance. Or maybe you have new puppy or rescue dog and would like advice on where to begin.    We use a consistent approach called EMRA for all behaviour consultations EMRA stands for Emotional, Mood State and Reinforcement Analysis which put simply, Analyses how your pet feels on a day to day basis – are they fully content with life? Determines how your pet feels when the problematic situation arises and Looks at why your pet is continuing to perform the problematic behaviour   By taking an holistic approach and assessing yours pets mood state, we assess all the factors that may be influencing your dogs behaviour adversely and work with you to devise a reward based strategy to provide long term improvement.   Several subsequent sessions, especially with aggression problems may be required.            THE SERVICES THAT WE PROVIDE    Puppy Training   Puppy training should start early. The sooner you start training the easier it is will be for both of you.   Early puppy training and socialisation can help to prevent many dog behaviour problems. If you have recently welcomed a new puppy in to your home, you may wish to consider the benefits of private training. Not only will you be given advice about how to prevent behaviour problems arising, but we can give you advice on how to care for your young pup from the moment he leaves his mum and litter-mates. As experienced breeders we have extensive knowledge of routine and care of pups long before they venture out into the world and the changes that occur as they grow.     We are also privileged with having the experience of dog breeding - from mating, to the pregnancy and delivery, should you wish to discuss any of these matters we will willingly share with you our advice – however veterinary advice is always recommended, we can only share our experiences   Puppy Sessions  After we get a cuddle (from the pup – not you): We will demonstrate to you, with your pup how to firstly get your puppy to recognise a few verbal commands, sign commands and depending on the age of the pup we will demonstrate lead work, basic obedience and give you advice on how to keep your dog from developing fears that can result in nervous or aggressive dogs Any general advise on raising your puppy from crate control, toilet training, feeding, and socialising will be discussed.  We offer a Puppy Training package of 6 sessions    Paw Management are supporters of "the puppy plan" a new initiative designed to give puppies the very best start in life- launched by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust - details can be found at www.puppyplan.com     Obedience Sessions We will train in the standard obedience commands, Sit..stay..recall..heelwork etc.. however we prefer to train "lifestyle" using the same disciplines involved in Obedience, we train in your home for the practicalities of everday life at a pace that your dog can achieve.   Obedience training -PuppyWatch and response to name Socialisation with dogs, humans, noise, traffic etc. Grooming and Inspection Basic Leave and Food Manners Basic Recall Basic Commands, sit, down, stand etc. Wait (Look, Listen andLearn) Mini Stay Basic Heelwork incl. ‘Meet and Greet’ Taking articlesAway Commands and Timing Responsibility and CareBeginnersWatch – (look at me on command) Collar and lead Encouraging The heel position Walking on a loose lead Leave it (Don’t touch, eat, look, desire)Door/gate control Controlled walk amongst other people and dogs Stay (Sit, Down and Stand), 1 minute Maintaining a position for StayGrooming and examination Return to handler from a distance Coming away from Distractions Responsibility and CareIntermediateWatch me with distractionsPlay with the dog Advanced Heelwork Rejoin Handler (Non facing) Send away Out of sight stay Recall with distractions Maintaining 2 minute stay in all positions (Sit, Down, Stand) Stay with distractions Coming away from distractions Controlled Greeting Food Manners Examination by others in a stand position Responsibility and CareAdvancedWatch me with distractions ..+ timeOff Lead heelwork amongst other dogs and people Return to handlers side during lead free walk Walk free beside the handler - Round and FinishSending the dog to a specific target Send away Left/Right Distance control Recall and Shaping (with distractions) Various heelwork methods (Back, left, right) Drop off and collection Handler footwork Scent workRetrieve and Present Advanced Stay in all positions Emergency Stop (To and from handler) Advanced Leave (Off lead) Relaxed Isolation Advanced Leave Grooming and Examination Responsibility and Care     Lifestyle Sessions Fun, lively training in obedience and manners for your dog to become a courteous household member and adopt a healthy trusting relationship with family. Lifestyle training creates a lovely bond between you and your dog..a lasting relationship based on communication methods of training. All training is adapted to be age/breed appropriate.     Behaviour Sessions   A behaviour consultation takes place in your home and can last between 1-2 hours. During the consultation we will meet your dog, a detailed history of your dog will be taken and the problem behaviour will be assessed. We take the opportunity to survey your dog in his own environment.    We use a technique of assessing problem behaviours which focuses on the emotional state of your pet, the motivation behind the behaviour and what is reinforcing it. By using this technique we can treat the cause of the problem and not just the problem itself.    Once the assessment has been completed, we will advise and demonstrate your training plan, we will work with both you and your dog, the training will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated so that you are entirely comfortable with all aspects –further visits will then be made to ensure that you have maintained the corrective treatment, dog behaviour is only as good as the owners. If they don’t carry on with the control, the dog will revert to type.     Feel happy to join us on facebook and follow us on twitter.  https://www.facebook.com/PawManagement.co.uk  https:[email protected]

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