Marketing outsourcing

By: Phct  02/12/2010
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We offer a marketing department if you don't have one and a strategic boost if you do.

An internal marketing department is expensive and adds to your fixed costs outlay which is difficult to control. Outsourcing some or all of your marketing to PHCT could save you a bundle and increase performance.

We can agree a specific price for each job you need doing so that you are in control of your expenditure on a task by task basis or we can provide ongoing support for an agreed monthly fee.

We can do everything that your own internal marketing department would do, but you save yourself the trouble of managing it, recruiting suitably skilled people, and suffering the increased overhead every month. You simply use us when you need us. We'll take the strain and fill in the gaps

Research & Strategy The start point is looking at what you've already got and finding out what you are needing to achieve. The only way to create rock solid strategies is through logical research and analysis. We always try to build on what you have already achieved but sometimes a totally new approach is neccessary. Smart objectives These are the specific targeted outcomes with numbers attached wherever possible so that results can be measured. Targeting Some cutomers are more valuable than others. By profiling your most valuable customers we can target others which are similar. Communication The creation of messages that will impact on your target audience Contact management How effective is contact management? Are sales calls strategically planned for maximum effectiveness? By developing an effective contact management system we can help you boost sales performance. Sales management Whether you have a professional sales force or individuals for whom selling is just one of their roles, selling is a key task. Most organisations are not efficient enough in this activity. Too much time is usually spent with the wrong people. The result is that a lot of money is being wasted. As a part of marketing outsourcing we can make your sales approach a lot more efficient. We look at selling to existing customers and finding new customers completely separately and can also provide back up services such as telemarketing if required. With leading edge sales management your business can prosper. We are also an accredited sales training centre.

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