Domestic Mattress Sanitization

By: Bedmedic  25/08/2011
Keywords: Asthma, allergies, Dust Mites


No matter where you live you have dust mites in your house. This isn't because you have a problem with hygiene - everybody has them! Unfortunately they can contribute to allergies making your lives miserable. It isn't that easy to get rid of them - after all they are so small you could fit several on this full stop. The only way to be completely free of them is to have no soft furnishings - carpets or curtains etc. As well as not being comfortable it's not practical either!

With  our dry, chemical free process we can help eliminate these pests giving you peace of mind and a more comfortable nights sleep.

In just a short space of time we can give your mattress a deep clean, using a powerful, specialist machine that generates high frequency pulsating waves to loosen and capture dust mites and their faeces together with dead skin flakes, bacteria, viruses, mould, mould spores, bodily fluid sediments and lots more. This detritus harboured in your mattress is then removed with a 99.997% efficient micro allergy filtered vacuum system that ensures allergens are not dispersed back into the enviroment.

We also destroy the DNA of any living organisms by using a  UVC germicidal unit which stops them reproducing and spreading.

Then we complete the process by using a fine mist of hypo allergenic Health Protector Spray to give ongoing protection.


Keywords: allergies, allergy symptoms, Asthma, dust mite, Dust Mites, Mattress Sanitizing

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