Foot Care Kit - "The Bunion Buster"

Foot Care Kit - "The Bunion Buster" from Ability Answers

By: Ability Answers  05/01/2011
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Foot Care Kit - "The Bunion Buster" Big Toe Straightener and Bunion Corrector Night Splint

Supplied as a PAIR - you will receive TWO Bunion Correctors, and TWO Big Toe Straighteners

Do you suffer from painful bunions? This kit helps relieve the pain and naturally correct them during the night when you sleep, and maintain the position during the day.

Flexible Latex Foot Cover Helps Relieve Shoe Pressure!This non-irritating flexible latex foot cover helps align and straighten the big toe, relieving shoe pressure and helping to reduce bunions and ease pain. Can be worn on either foot

Relieves pain and helps prevent the strain that can cause bunions. This anatomically shaped 'splint' gently holds your big toe in its normal position for your foot, while you sleep. You just put your big toe into the padded cradle, then pull the 'one-touch' strap to create counter pressure and align the toe correctly.

What an excellent way to avoid painful surgery!

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