4GB Mini Clip Video Spy Camera Camcorder

4GB Mini Clip Video Spy Camera Camcorder from Caltechmall

By: Caltechmall  31/08/2009
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 This Brand New Mini Digital Voice Recorder, 640 x 480 AVI High Speed Video, Support 4GB Memory, High Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battary Battery Type, DC-5V Charge Voktage, it's very interesting and cool gadget? • Applicable occasions:you have to abide by the applicable national laws and regulations and this product shall not be applied to other illegal purposes or you shall be respohsible for the consequence thereof.• Operating temperature: please use it at natural temperature and do not use at a temperature that human body cannot withstand.• Operating humidity: Please use it at the amhient humidity fit for human life and do not place it in a humid operating condition. This product is not waterproof.• Operating illuminance: please use it under a condition with sufficient light source and do not aim the DVR dirctly to the sun or other strong light source or the optical parts may be damaged.• Cleaning: Do not use it under a dusty condition so as to keep its lens and other parts from dust or the effect of video will be affected. The lens may be cleaned with lens wiping paper or glass towel.• Others: this product is precision electronic product and do not make it subject to any impact or vibrationdo not use in strong magnetic field or electric field.

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